About Kyle

Kyle Roddey grew up in the Village of Goshen and began his public service at an early age. His leadership abilities were evident in high school when he became involved in various clubs, organizations, athletics and, most notably, student government. In 2003, Kyle became an Eagle Scout and was appointed as the first student member of the Goshen Board of Education. He fought to create this position and is proud to have it still in existence today.

After graduating high school, Kyle attended Binghamton University and earned a degree in History. He then moved back to the Village of Goshen and began his Masters degree in Teaching from Mount Saint Mary College. While pursuing his Masters degree, Roddey was a substitute teacher for four years and managed a small business, a position he still holds today. Managing this small business help Kyle gain valuable business experience and also helped him understand the daily challenges business owners encounter. Kyle completed his Masters degree in 2010.

In March of 2009, he was elected Village Trustee in Goshen, was appointed as the Sewer Commissioner as well as the liaison to the Goshen Joint Recreation. Kyle served two years as Trustee and in March of 2011 he was elected Mayor of the Village of Goshen. He was the youngest Mayor in Goshen’s history, and today is one of the youngest mayors ever elected in New York State.

During Mayor Roddey’s tenure, the Village of Goshen has achieved great success. Kyle implemented an aggressive infrastructure improvement plan, complied with various DEC mandates, improved relationships with neighboring municipalities, drafted pro-business policies, and saved over $230,000 by reducing payroll, bidding of costs, and cutting unnecessary spending.

Kyle is currently a member of the Goshen Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, the Orange County Citizen’s Foundation Board of Trustees, the Goshen Lion’s Club, the Young Professionals of Orange County, and the Goshen Republican Committee.